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Skyeline Balcony Systems

Skyeline Bolt-on Balconies

Following the Mayor of London’s 2020 update of the Housing Design Quality Standards, many local councils have now incorporated private, outdoor amenity space requirements into their planning conditions. Recommending ‘a minimum of 5 sqm of private outside space for each one-to-two person dwelling and an extra 1 sqm for each additional occupant’, bolt-on balconies should now be a key consideration in every new development across the UK.

Skyeline balconies is the result of a new strategic partnership between global metal specialists Thyssenkrupp Materials UK, with their experience and knowledge of precision engineering, and Brickability Group PLC, with their long-standing history and knowledge of the external facades market.

Our patent-pending range of Skyeline balcony systems features cutting-edge technology which is focused on setting new standards on balcony design and removing problems previously associated with balcony systems, including water drainage, water penetration and stagnant water issues. Skyedrain and Skyedeck are our patent-pending water drainage solutions that are fully integrated within our pioneering Skyeline balcony system architecture.

Our core processes of collaboration, early engagement and reliable delivery will assist our clients in providing essential, quality outdoor living spaces to their customers.

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Beyond the recommended planning conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic has also played an overwhelming role in reshaping the housing market, causing significant increase in demand for apartment buildings with private outdoor spaces, especially in built-up locations such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, the North-West and Scotland. Over the last year, prospective buyers, particularly first-time buyers, have been looking for flats with either a shared garden or balcony space as a must-have feature.

Working with our sister company, Architectural Facades, part of the Brickability group, we are able to facilitate the design of every project, offering structural engineering calculations which are covered by their £5m Professional Indemnity. This means we are here to support your project from inception through to the installation, where our project managers will ensure that your Skyeline balconies will arrive on site on time and to your specification.

In 2020, thyssenkrupp Materials UK opened a new, paperless factory dedicated to its fabrication services. The facility has been producing specialist balconies since and has set a high standard for quality of products as well as full digital traceability. Using non-combustible materials that are also fully recyclable, allows the company to reduce weight and increase strength and carbon savings, while its central locations allow for streamlined logistics and fast delivery.

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Product details

Production Process

Architectural Facades have meticulously designed a series of metal extrusion dies that prioritise innovation and accuracy. Using the highest quality aluminium, sourced from European mills, our bespoke profiles are then transported to the UK for fabrication.

Our design concepts require highly accurate components that are linked to produce a precision engineered balcony. The components, from the balcony balustrade to the complex chassis, are connected to very precise tolerances that have to be exact and are measured by the iAuditor software.

Quality Control

To ensure this production process remains consistent and subject to our high-quality control standards, the production team at thyssenkrupp UK use the inspection management software, iAuditor. All production checks, from initial aluminium extrusion through to final fabrication, are registered through this application; generating full digital traceability reports or a ‘product passport’ for each individual balcony produced.

Combined with the web platform, iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organisation, while empowering customers and installers working in the field.


Should you wish to avoid some of the expensive, accumulating costs of on-site labour, our large fabrication capabilities means that large volumes of balconies can be produced off-site but ‘just-in-time’ for delivery to your project. This approach guarantees cost-efficient production, the much-needed flexibility around busy construction schedules and storage benefits so that your balconies arrive in a new-build standard.

By utilising our own fleet of transport, we can also oversee an efficient delivery schedule that meets your requirements. From fabrication through to arrival on site and installation, our team of project managers are on-hand to support you.

Typical Details

Our standard balcony dimensions are:

3000 x 1500mm (4.5m2)

3500 x 1500mm (5.25m2)

3000 x 1800mm (5.4m2)

3000 x 2000mm (6m2)

3600 x 1800mm (6.48m2)

3300 x 2200mm (7.26m2)

4200 x 2200mm (9.24m2)

4500 x 2000mm (9m2)

5200 x 1800mm (9.36m2)

4500 x 2200mm (9.9m2)

5200 x 2200mm (11.44m2)

Bespoke dimensions can be discussed with our technical teams; get in touch to find out more.

Our standard balcony designs are completed with aluminium spindle balustrades, with alternate designs and materials in development. To compliment any facade, we offer the highest quality of polyester powder coated (PPC) paints in the full range of RAL colours, as well anodised and anodic-look finishes. All finishes can be adapted to suit your project demands, including marine environments and bespoke requirements.


Following the design, fabrication and supply of the Skyeline balcony systems, Architectural Facades can either provide recommended third-party installers, or can carry out installation themselves.

Skyeline balcony systems utilise structural steel arms, integrated within the Skyeline Balcony System chassis design, which are bolted to structural steel “stubs”. These “Stubs” provide an extension to accommodate various wall build up depths, allowing various methods of external access to still be used without interfering with the progress of external facade works.

Our Structural Steel “Stubs” are bolted to structural anchors, depending on the building structure and at all stages, in all scenarios, a structural engineer will oversee every project to approve all Skyeline Balcony Systems calculations, from a structural perspective before installation.

Testing and Certification

All Skyeline Balcony Systems are entirely formed from non-combustible materials, as standard.

This provides assurance that their use within 1m of a relevant boundary, or on buildings with balconies that are above 18m, meet all current UK guidance and legislation.

Skyeline balconies with balustrades made from only aluminium spindles are non-combustible options. Bespoke balustrade options such as glass, brick slips or decorative boarding would have to be tested separately.

We have run independent testing, carried out by a UKAS accredited third party to test for the following, in line with all legislation and BS8579 guidance:

  1. Load Test - Deflection Measurement
  2. Balustrade Test
  3. Balustrade (Impact Testing)
  4. Vibration / Dynamic Testing - this has been carried out as a desktop engineering exercise through a Structural Engineer.
  5. Plastic Deformation Test
  6. Rainfall Water Test - to test the Skyedrain Water Drainage function


Skyeline balconies are an environmentally friendly option due to their high aluminium content. DNV-GL Certified by our raw material supplier according to the ISO 14064, the aluminium used is also produced through renewable energy sources.

The of Council for Aluminium in Building’s (CAB) recycling page cites a Delft University study which showed ‘that the end-of-life collection rates for aluminium in the building sector were found to vary between 92% and 98%’. Through various recycling schemes, only 5% of the original energy is required to recycle the product, while repeated recycling does not contribute to loss of physical properties or value. This ‘cradle-to-cradle’ life cycle means aluminium is not consumed, but only used within a sustainable, ‘cyclic’ economy.

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Carbon Neutral Company

Both Brickability Group PLC and thyssenkrupp Materials Services have committed to carbon neutrality by 2030, in our Scope 1 and 2 operations. Through these commitments our partnership further aligns as we take responsibility for leadership within the construction industry in the fight against climate change.

By working towards energy efficiency programs, green electricity, photovoltaics, LED lighting, paperless offices and more, we begin to take action to ensure a flourishing home for our children and future generations.

Read our sustainability statement
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