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Cladding Framing Systems

Artus Framing

Artus Framing

Artus is a range of helping hand bracket cladding fixing systems used to support the rainscreen cladding system on a facade.

A rainscreen system is comprised of four parts; the outer decorative facade, the ventilated cavity, the inner leaf and the vertical support frame connecting outer to inner. The rainscreen works by deflecting rain and moisture away from the facade, equalising the pressure in the air cavity by repelling moisture from entering the gaps in the facade and draining any penetrating moisture out through the base of the cavity. At the same time, air movement within the cavity evaporates moisture that is drawn out through the building/facade penetration.

Compatible with several facade systems, a helping hand bracket system is an adjustable framing support made up of T & L rails and brackets.

Helping Hand Systems

Product details


  • Increased insulation thickness - greater standoffs
  • Increased speed of installation
  • Adjustability - building tolerances
  • Lightweight
  • Engineered, calculated and designed solution

Helping Hand - Aluminium

  • Adjustable helping hand bracket system
  • Helping hand bracket manufactured from structural grade aluminium
  • Brackets made from 5251 H22 grade aluminium
  • Rails made from 6063 T6 grade aluminium

Helping Hand - Stainless Steel

  • Thermal bracket system
  • Helping hand bracket manufactured from stainless steel
  • 8 x more thermal resistance than aluminium
  • Developed to be used with mineral wool insulation to help reduce cladding zone

Certification and Testing

Artus framing systems have been CWCT tested with a range of cladding systems, including our Corium brick slip cladding - for certifications and test reports, please get in touch.

BR135 and BS8414 fire tests are also available - please get in touch to speak to one of our cladding team.

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