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Taylor Maxwell offer a range CPD seminars across our wide portfolio of products, including cladding systems, bricks and masonry.

As with many professions, continual professional development (CPD) is a requirement for all RIBA Chartered Members.

CPD seminars ensure that you stay up to date with current methods of design and construction and as such, remain competent, professional, capable and resilient as you continue to develop through your architectural career.

Taylor Maxwell offer a range CPD seminars across our wide portfolio of products, including cladding systems, bricks and masonry. Our teams are available nationwide to deliver free CPD seminars in your offices, online or in one of our showrooms, at a time and date that fits your schedule.

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What contributes to CPD?

As stated by RIBA, ‘any relevant structured or informal learning from any source can count towards your 35 hour requirement’. It is down to you as the learner to determine how much awareness/knowledge you feel the learning has given you and assign a number of CPD points. There are five learning levels set out by RIBA as follows:


>30 minutes

General awareness

2 hours

Detailed knowledge

Half a day

Deep knowledge

1 - 2 days

Advanced knowledge

3+ Days

The learning points are then assigned as follows:
One point
- you learned a little
Two points - your awareness increased generally
Three points - you gained a great deal of detailed insight
Four points - you acquired expertise or specialist knowledge on a subject

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Taylor Maxwell have partnered with RIBA since 2016 through our sponsorship of the regional awards. Supporting RIBA in the celebration of the best architecture in the UK reflects our desire to encourage good design and our commitment to working in partnership with RIBA Members to further understand their needs.

In 2021, we supported the RIBA CPD Programme through the sponsorship of one of their core topics; place equity - developing places that encourage positive public and mental health. The webinars aimed to encourage architects at all stages of their career to pause and reflect upon the impact of a rapidly urbanising world and on their future role in ensuring that development of this human habitat is a force for good. They explored how professionals can work effectively within challenging urban policy contexts for public and mental health to ensure communities can thrive. The webinars fell under number 8 of the RIBA CPD core topic list – ‘Places, planning and communities’.

Our products are often used in RIBA award winning schemes, including our timber flooring that was used throughout the Blavatnik School of Government, which was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2016. In 2018, Storey’s Field was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize, a project that we supplied several thousand facing bricks and precast brick components to. More recently, for the 2021 Stirling Prize, Cambridge Central Mosque was shortlisted and Kingston University won, projects we were delighted to supply brick cladding and facing bricks to respectively.

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