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Stonepanel Stone Cladding

Stonepanel Stone Cladding

STONEPANEL™ (and STONEPANEL™ Sky) is a natural stone cladding system made of panels that utilise quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone and slate, which are bonded to a cement base and reinforced with glass fibre mesh. The product can be used as a decorative stone exterior cladding for both indoor and outdoor use or on new or existing buildings when attached to solid walls of masonry or concrete, using cementitious adhesive to BS EN 12004-2:2017.

This wall stone cladding achieved an A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire classification to NF EN 13501-1:2013 (Section 7 BBA Agreement certificate ref 21/5908).

STONEPANEL™ Sky panels incorporate an anchor of 2.6mm stainless steel wire embedded into the concrete base for mechanical fixing to the wall. During installation, a piece of stainless-steel banding is looped through this anchor and fixed to the support wall using stainless steel screws and wall plugs.

STONEPANEL™ cladding can be installed at heights up to 2 metres and STONEPANEL™ Sky can be installed up to any height. STONEPANEL™ is manufactured by CUPASTONE and exclusively distributed by Taylor Maxwell in the UK.

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Product details

Certification and Testing

  • BBA certificate 21/5908 CUPASTONE wall panels - STONEPANEL™ and STONEPANEL™ Sky
  • Behaviour in relation to fire – a construction incorporating the panels achieved an A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire classification to NF EN 13501-1:2013 (Section 7 BBA Agrément certificate ref 21/5908).
  • Durability – the panels have a design life of more than 30 years (Section 10 BBA).
  • Air and water penetration – the panels are not watertight but will restrict the ingress of rainwater to the supporting structure (Section 8 BBA 21/5908).
  • Strength and stability – the panels have sufficient strength to resist the negative and positive wind pressures likely to be experienced in the UK and have good impact resistance (Section 6 BBA 21/5908).
  • Hard body impact – the panels achieved adequate resistance to impact and therefore may be considered suitable for use in Categories I, II, 111 and IV as defined in section 6.11 of BBA 21/5908.
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Installation and Fixing

  • The products should only be installed by installers who have been trained by the certificate holder.
  • All panels installed above 2m from the ground must be fixed with both cementitious adhesive and mechanical fixings as described in section 1.3 of BBA 21/5908.
  • The design of the installation must be checked by a suitably qualified individual.
  • In the case of abnormal soiling, the surface may be cleaned using hot water/household detergent mixture, applied with a suitable cleaning pad or sponge.
  • STONEPANEL™ can be easily cut on site using an electric grinder or site cutting bench and the pieces are laid in a 'stretcher bond' so as to deter from vertical joints being directly on top of each other.
  • It is suggested to fix back the stone cladding to a masonry substrate with Ardex X7G+ adhesive up to a height of 2 metres, taking into consideration the guidelines in the BBA.
  • Installs 10 times faster than traditional random walling - typically a 2:1 installation gang can install 20 - 25sqm a day.
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STONEPANEL™ is an innovative cladding system for walls and facades, suitable for both internal and external application. Individual panels made of natural stone including quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone and slate are joined to a cement base, that is reinforced with fibre glass mesh. Each piece is Z-shaped to hide the joints from view. Sizes available include 600 (550) x 200mm.

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Colours and Finishes

STONEPANEL™ is available in a range of options that incorporate different colours and finishes to suit a range of project designs. Colours range from the contemporary 'Black Slate' that offers a striking and modern look, to the more traditional 'Sahara', a multicolour quartzite stone with warm brown, grey and orange tones.

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