Fantasy Football

Season 2020/21

Welcome to the next round of our Fantasy Football League...

Welcome Back to a new Fantasy Football season!

The highest scoring teams this week:

1st. Ollie Motuel (Cheers Jeff) - 78 Points

2nd. Martin Rudge (Is it luck or skill???) - 76 Points

3rd. Andrew Martin (Never got the invite) - 71 Points

The highest scoring players this week:

1st. Rowe - 37 points

2nd. Abraham - 28 points

3rd. Maddison - 23 points

Company Cup:

1st. Barnsley Timber Merchants LTD - 53 points

2nd. Vanderbilt Group - 49 points

3rd. Vistry Western - 48.60 points

In other news...

Taylor Maxwell 18th Dec 2020

Timber Update December 2020

We would like to wish all of our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!