Fantasy Football

Season 2021/22

Welcome to the next round of our Fantasy Football League...

Please find this week's update below

The highest scoring teams this week:

1st. Vince West (Westhampton) – 92 Points

2nd. Sophie Penfold (Penfold Lions) – 88 Points

3rd. Paul Stewart (Dynamo Oatcake) & Paddy Chattaway (Comin to get ya) – 86 Points

The highest scoring players this week:

1st. Diego Jota – 18 Points

2nd. James Maddison – 17 Points

3rd. Lee Cooper – 16 Points

Company Cup:

1st. Willmott Dixon - 80 Points

2nd. Vanderbilt Homes – 70 Points

3rd. Collida – 66.50 Points

In other news...

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