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Precast & Prefabricated Brick Components

Precast & Prefabricated Brick Components

Utilising precast and prefabricated brick components across a facade can provide significant benefits to both the project design and its construction timeline. Complex elements such as soffits, lintels, arches and chimneys, which require skilled onsite labour, can instead be manufactured offsite under controlled and consistent conditions.

While your scheme continues onsite, with the laying of foundations or preparation of utilities, our regional brick teams are able to coordinate and supply these prefabricated elements, so that they arrive on site ready for installation. Our teams provide technical support throughout the process and can offer brick and mortar matching services, to ensure any precast element fits seamlessly into the corresponding facade.

Ultimately, the precise manufacturing of these components ensures fast builds and lengthy lifespans, alongside significant environmental benefits from reduced transport pollution, minimal waste and the use of products with outstanding energy performance.

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Precast Concrete Lintels

Precast concrete brick-faced lintels are often used to create intricate, load bearing brick patterns around window heads and openings. Giving the impression of unsupported brickwork, these lintels are a low cost and resilient facade component that is particularly difficult to recreate using traditional methods.

Using a pre-stressed casting system, these concrete lintels can be cast to fit any section of your facade before being clad in matching brickwork. Available using any brick colour, finish, length and bond pattern, lintels need not be a limiting factor when it comes to your project design.

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Prefabricated Stainless Steel Soffit

Deep reveals and brick soffits are an increasingly popular design component that can add interest and depth to any brick facade. Though striking, these details can pose engineering problems as the brick facade is required to continue, uninterrupted across these openings, while seeming unsupported by visible steelwork.

Using a prefabricated stainless-steel soffit is a lightweight method of achieving these features and in most cases, will allow the brick faced units to be applied on site without specialist lifting equipment, reducing installation time and cost. Again, almost any brick can be utilised in the soffit construction, matching the project brickwork and ensuring seamless, reliable results.

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Precast & Prefabricated Brick Arches

Used across large residential schemes and single, commercial landmarks, brick arches have been a prevalent design feature across UK architecture for centuries. Originally made from standard sized bricks and constructed on site, modern manufacturing and technology has enabled a cost-effective way of recreating these features without the intensive on-site labour.

Brick arches can be formed using both precast concrete or a prefabricated stainless-steel bracket and can accommodate most brick finishes and bond patterns. Taylor Maxwell can supply a wide range of brick clad arch patterns including segmental, flat, gothic and parabolic. Our teams can additionally offer apex arches and bullseyes, while providing design and technical guidance as you consider options.

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Prefabricated Brick Chimneys

Chimneys built using traditional, on-site methods can be expensive and time consuming to construct. However, due to advances in construction techniques, a prefabricated alternative can be employed, bringing with it multiple benefits. Not only time and cost saving, this modern and lightweight method can also increase internal project space due to the lack of requirement for a chimney breast.

For a truly lightweight solution, we can supply a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) chimney as another alternative. Available in any size and finished to almost any style, GRP chimneys often weigh less than 30kg, making them an ideal solution for quick installation.

Suitable for use in a variety of locations on the roof, these chimneys can be ordered as a non-working, cosmetic only unit or can come complete with an insulated in wall system suitable for log burners, stoves and other appliances.

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Brick Matching

Are you a developer looking for a particular brick to match with an existing development? Are you an architect looking for brick options to suit the local and surrounding architectural style?

As precast and prefabricated components are manufactured offsite, it is essential that when brought to site, the units match your corresponding development. Our experienced brick specialists are well equipped to help identify and provide a reliable brick matching service, supporting the offsite process and offering technical and design guidance throughout.

With advisors based in 12 regional offices across the UK, our teams have immediate knowledge of their local areas and the facing bricks and masonry used on existing schemes. For yourself, your client or a planning committee, we will provide samples based on an exact match where possible, or the nearest brick/blend type to meet the required finish.

Follow the steps below to submit a brick match request. If we are unable to identify your brick from the images received, we will arrange for one of our area sales team to contact you and arrange a site visit.

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