London Festival of Architecture

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London Festival of Architecture

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is the world’s largest annual festival of architecture. The festival aims to support London’s architectural talent by enthusing and engaging with the public and finding new ways to look at familiar places.

The festival began in 2004 and has since grown to become the world's largest annual architecture festival. The festival attracts a vast public audience (400,000 in 2017 and over 600,000 people in 2018) and a global media audience of millions. The majority of events are free and are staged by a core festival programming team working alongside architectural and design practices and a group of trade partners including Taylor Maxwell.

The festival celebrates London as a global hub of architectural experimentation, practice and debate. This year's festival returned to the capital from 1 - 30 June 2019 with a diverse and exciting programme of public events across London exploring the theme 'boundaries'.

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2019: Boundaries

Following on from last year's focus on 'identity', this year the festival aimed to explore the theme of ‘boundaries’, with a core programme of events selected to bring together and engage the local architectural community and the wider public.

When we think about how we define boundaries, these could be physical; our bodies, our sense of personal space or the environments and cities we live in, emotional; our thoughts, feelings or needs, or even social; our opinions, culture or communication. Some may see boundaries as tangible entities such as borders, walls, fences or postcode zones, where as others may see boundaries as a broad concept open to individual interpretation. Boundaries could be the rules and restrictions that we face that are there to constrain us or to be pushed with new innovations in technology.

What are the boundaries of London? Does the boundary between North and South London still exist? Does the M25 or the River Thames divide the city? How? And when it comes to architecture, London's architects have long stepped outside national boundaries to build around the world - pushing the boundaries of what a building should look like, how it is built and what modern engineering and construction can achieve.

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Our 2019 Events

Returning for a second year, we were thrilled to once again partner with the London Festival of Architecture for 2019. The festival’s four iconic key hubs this year were the City of London, Royal Docks, Heart of London and London Bridge.

These four parts of London are as architecturally diverse as the city. Each festival hub offers the opportunity to appreciate the stunning architectural quality of the area and attend a variety of events, all within a concentrated neighbourhood. As part of this, we ran the following event programme:

Build Your Boundary - Brick Making Workshop
An opportunity to make your own personalised bricks alongside leading manufacturer Wienerberger

Know No Limits - Innovative Products Redefining the Boundaries of Outdoor Living
A talk/discussion focused on the landscaping materials that are breaking down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

Elevating our Boundaries - Modern Facade Systems
London Bridge walking tour focusing on the restrictions of present day construction and modern facade systems

The River Thames - Creating Boundaries in Brickwork
A walking tour across the City of London and London Bridge - discover how the river separates the North and South and the contrast in the materials of our city's buildings

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Our London Bridge Showroom

Standing adjacent to the renowned Borough Market, The Hop Exchange is a striking building steeped in history, just a stone’s throw from the London Bridge mainline and underground stations. Our materials showroom, located in The Hop Exchange’s west wing, has been created to display a wide range of facade and timber materials to inspire creativity in architectural design.

With over 350 different brick types on display, the showroom offers a unique facility to view examples from all the major manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Alongside the brick offering, other products on display include natural stone, composite decking, cast stone, engineered wood flooring, brick cladding, terracotta cladding, metal and mesh aluminium systems, stone cladding and precast concrete solutions. The showroom offers an unrivalled opportunity for architects and their clients to meet with our experienced team and create and develop your project design ideas.

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More about us

Taylor Maxwell have been providing facade solutions to the construction industry for over 60 years. Our experienced external sales team, based across the UK, provide professional consultation on external building materials at all stages of the design process, supporting projects from design concept through to completion.

We work in close partnership with clients, architects and contractors to source and deliver the optimum choice of brick, timber, cladding, masonry and offsite solutions that will meet their project requirements in terms of aesthetics, technical performance and budget.

To achieve the best solution, and to ensure the most cost-effective approach, we recommend contacting us at an early stage of your project, so that we can provide the maximum technical input.