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Oak Boules

We work with a select number of sawmills offering grades from QB2/3 up to QBA grade. We can offer thicknesses and length specification to order, delivered direct or through our Bristol stock site.

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Product Overview

Oak Boules are coming back into fashion, as general square edge production becomes more difficult to source good length specifications. Oak Boules offer the customer good lengths, some added flexibility, consistency of colour and material. We also look for occasional small parcels of exceptional quality or value, to sell through our stock. We are able to offer Air dried and Kiln dried across the standard French size ranges.

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Our locations and partnerships span across Europe

Through a combination of our sales and customer service offices, stock locations and key manufacturing partners, we are able to work with merchant and manufacturing customers across the UK.

Our supply is heavily focused toward the UK, Sweden, The Baltics and the rest of the EU, however, we also import specialist products from North America and China.

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Industry news

Our monthly e-newsletters provide key timber industry updates and information we think our customers will find useful, from changes in conversion rates and how Brexit is affecting the market, to key product launches and fun timber related facts!

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29 Apr, 2024

Timber Update April 2024

Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) reported in their e-bulletin earlier this month that the pallet and packaging industry output ...

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26 Feb, 2024

Timber Update February 2024

After it was reported that the UK economy entered a downturn at the end of 2023, the BBC now reports ...

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13 Dec, 2023

Timber Update December 2023

It was recently acknowledged at COP28 that timber is a crucial part of the construction industry’s future as an essential ...

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