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Glazed Bricks

Glazed Bricks

If you're looking to create a bold and striking finish or feature, glazed bricks are the perfect choice. Glazed bricks allow you the freedom to play around with colour and texture to create a facade that has impact and can highlight interesting details on a building's elevation.

A glazed brick is created by applying a high gloss or matte glaze coating to the outer surface of the brick, which is then carefully fired to ensure a lasting colour, texture and durability. Available in options which are resistant to liquids, gases and graffiti, the possibilities of glazed bricks are plentiful.

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Colours and Finishes

Glazed bricks are available in any RAL colour, from classic and contemporary white glaze to striking and vibrant greens, reds or purples. There is also the option to create bespoke colours, as well as shapes and sizes to create truly unique facades. Working with leading manufacturers, we supply a huge range of glazed brick options with varying textures from glass smooth, to speckled and rough.

Shapes and Sizes

As well as a huge range of interesting colours, finishes and textures, glazed bricks are also available in a range of special shapes such as sawtooth bricks that provide a highly textured facade or long format bricks which elongate a building and provide the illusion of height or length.

Determining the shape and size of a glazed brick to be used will impact cost, installation time and overall finished design. Our team are on hand to talk you through all the different options available to help select the right one for your project.

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Originally popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods, glazed bricks have continued to be popular not only for their striking visual effects, but their resilience and durability. Their glossy ceramic finish provides an additional protective layer to the already durable and long-lasting facing brick, offering additional protection against varying weather conditions and environmental factors.

Easy to Maintain

As well as providing additional durability, the gloss ceramic coating of a glazed brick also makes it an easier to clean surface, particularly where a smooth finish/texture is selected. General dirt and grim can be easily cleaned using water and in some cases, a mild detergent or soap. For more detailed information regarding cleaning and maintenance of brickwork, please refer to the Brick Development Association (BDA)'s guidance.

Cleaning of Clay Brickwork

Colour Selector

Use our product selector tool to explore a few examples of the standard glazed brick colours we offer.

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Glazed Brick Collage
CJD 5173 HR edited Large
South Acton Estate, London
Shakespeare School 1 edited Large
Shakespeare School, Leeds
Royal Albert Wharf 9 Large
Great Eastern Quays, London
IMG 1870
Erith Community Centre, London
TM Creed Court 12 Large
Creed Court, London
Shakespeare School - Glazed bricks
Shakespeare School, Leeds
043 Hi Res External Photography Bath Road Higgins 4 K8 A3383 Large
Bath Road, Hounslow
IMG 1862
Erith Community Centre, London
TM Creed Court 21 Large
Creed Court, London
Royal Albert Wharf 22 Large
Great Eastern Quays, London
Cavendish Gardens - Glazed Bricks and Facing Bricks
Bath Road, Hounslow
CJD 5045 HR Large
South Acton Estate, London
Royal Albert Wharf 29 Large
Great Eastern Quays, London
Shakespeare School 2 Large
Shakespeare School, Leeds
IMG 1847 cropped
Erith Community Centre, London
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