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Over the last six decades, Taylor Maxwell has established itself as a market leader in the supply of facade and timber products to the construction industry. We’ve built this reputation by developing a deep understanding of our customers and the supply chain and we’re proud to deliver what our customers need in a responsible and ethical way.

As we look to the future, we believe it’s time for us to show a very different kind of leadership in the market. Time is running out for our planet. We only have a decade to take enough action to get climate change under control and ensure a flourishing home for our children and future generations.

The built environment is a major contributor of global carbon emissions and consumes a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources. In the UK, the built environment contributes to around 40% of the total carbon footprint. The construction industry needs to play a significant role in reducing this. Collectively, we need to minimise our resource use and eliminate carbon emissions.

We are determined that we will continue to maintain our position as a market-leader, providing products of the highest quality to the construction sector, but that we will do so with a focus on our partners, our people and the planet.

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Carbon net zero by 2030

Led by our Board of Directors and permeating down through all of our teams across the UK, we are challenging ourselves to transform quickly into a business that treads lighter on the planet and drives positive change.

Our mission is to be carbon net zero in our own operations by 2030 and carbon/climate positive by 2035.

To achieve this, we must understand and measure our direct impact and emissions and take action to mitigate these. We will work closely with suppliers to identify and make changes to reduce carbon emission in our supply chain where we can and invest in learning, innovation and collaboration.

We understand that we still have a lot to learn, but we’re on the path and motivated to show what can be done. We’re excited to work with our customers, suppliers and partners to drive the urgent change our planet needs to see.

Full sustainability strategy coming soon!

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