Architectural Masonry

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Architectural masonry

Architectural masonry provides a decorative facing concrete block with design quality and dimensional accuracy. It is a structural material which can be used as part of the internal or external leaf, providing a clean, maintenance-free solution.

Manufactured from a mix of top quality limestone aggregates and cements, architectural precast concrete masonry is a modern, cost-effective building material, that is extremely durable.

This material is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes including polished, glazed, fair face, split face and textured and is often used in healthcare, education, commercial and residential developments.

A range of standard units are available, however bespoke elements can be created with each hand-moulded by experienced craftsmen to match your designs and realise your project vision.

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Key features

 Fair face

These precise and smooth blocks are used to create large natural smooth surfaces and are offered at competitive price points compared to other materials, i.e. render. These smooth blocks can also be mixed with other more textured blocks, to produce a striking contrast on a building’s facade.

 Split face

The split face stone finish is desirable as it provides natural texture and stratification that is hard to duplicate in a man-made product. These cast stone blocks are individually split down the middle to produce a face that replicates hand hewn stone, with each piece offering a unique finish.


Selected natural aggregates are mixed and polished to create a wide range of colours and variations, replicating the rich textures associated with marble and granite finishes.

 Shot blasted

This production process exposes the inner aggregate of the material, which produces a matt texture with a flat surface. The degree of erosion can be developed to accommodate the required aesthetic.

Colours and Finishes

Use our product selector tool to explore examples of the colours, textures and finishes we offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us to speak to one of our team about other options available.


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Architectural Masonry