C24, CLS, Tile Battens, Glulam, Boarding, Softwood Sleepers and Decking


We offer a range of FSC and PEFC-certified timber for multiple construction purposes. Our homegrown product, C16, is sourced from Ireland, while our C24 construction timber comes from Scandinavia and the Baltics. In each case, our long-standing partnerships with our sawmills ensure a wealth of reliable, high-quality products, including battens, CLS, and other specifications for builders’ merchants and timber frame manufacturers.

What sets Taylor Maxwell’s construction materials apart is the sheer diversity of stock products, sizes and treatment options on offer. Across our excellent stock holdings, we keep a range of sizes, from 47 x 50 right through to 75 x 225, with lengths from 2.4 to 6 metres. And with all products held at our sites in Rochester, Hull and Inverness, you can request mixed delivery loads – specifying half loads if required.

Composite 1
Composite decking and cladding


Using a combination of FSC® 100% certified oak flour and recycled plastics, our range of composite products from Composite Prime offer a sustainable alternative to traditional timber decking and cladding.

Composite cladding offers a long lasting, natural and high quality system that outperforms traditional timber. Available in a variety of colours including brown, slate and grey, composite cladding does not require treatment or painting. Suitable for a variety of applications, the system comes complete with simple clip fixings and composite trims for an easy installation.

Engineered for durability, ease of installation and sustainability, Composite Decking is making headways in the landscaping sector. Well suited to both domestic and commercial exteriors thanks to its anti-slip properties and natural protection against staining, warping, rot and decay. Available in a traditional 'timber' finish or a contemporary grooved design, our composite decking is also available in a range of colours.

Softwood Decking and Softwood Sleepers


Our impressive range of softwood and hardwood landscape timbers are designed to enhance gardens and other outdoor environments. We source high-quality, FSC and PEFC-certified redwood decking from our Swedish and Latvian sawmills. Available in 32mm x 125mm, 38mm x 125mm, and 32mm x 150mm, our decking can also be expertly anti-slipped at our Hull or Rochester sites. In addition, we offer a range of softwood, oak and reclaimed sleepers for garden retaining walls or decorative features, with our strategic stock holdings enabling mixed-load deliveries for maximum efficiency.

KD Oak, Oak Sleepers, Oak Beams and Oak Flooring


Through our long-term relationships with sawmills and suppliers, we have gained a reputation for excellence as specialist importers of European and American oak. With access to a range of FSC and PEFC-certified kiln-dried oak and other hardwoods, including cedar, hemlock and Douglas fir, we offer consistently high quality in all grades from rustic through to prime.

Our hardwood products include sleepers, boards and construction beams, and can be tailored precisely to your customers’ specifications. Whether you are a timber merchant, manufacturer or oak frame housebuilder, we’ll ensure you receive the hardwood products you need, honouring our commitment to quality, service and communication at all times.

Split 1 Glulam
CLT and Glulam

Engineered Timber

We provide a range of engineered timber solutions for structural applications. Significant developments in the range of engineered wood products mean they are fast becoming the popular choice for several applications, particularly structural elements and components.

Cross laminated timber (CLT) and glue laminated timber (Glulam) are two key engineered timber products we supply to order based on your requirements.

Glulam is fast becoming the product of choice for innovative architects and timber framers looking to push the boundaries of aesthetics and function within the commercial housing sector. The Taylor Maxwell glulam process offers enhanced stability and strength compared to traditional building methods, with a variety of grades and finishes. Its multilayer, laminate form resists deflection, making it well suited to large sections of beams, pillars and curvilinear designs not achievable with single-piece applications.

Similar to glulam, CLT is gaining a strong reputation among forward-thinking architects looking to maximise efficiency and be at the forefront of design capabilities. Created by compressing and gluing each timber layer perpendicular to the next, it is incredibly resilient and lightweight compared to traditional construction materials. It also delivers improved sound proofing, insulation and aesthetics.

For more information about glulam, please contact us.



Taylor Maxwell fencing products are predominantly sourced from mills in the UK and Ireland. Whether you are a timber merchant, builders’ merchant or a fencing manufacturer, we can match your customers’ needs through our network of trusted partners. Our mills can provide pre-treated or untreated fencing timber, bespoke machining and a full range of kiln dried redwood posts.

As with all our products, the quality of our fencing timber really sets us apart. We also offer mixed-load delivery options, enabling your customers to receive posts, feather edge, gateposts, sleepers and rails in one efficient load. In this way, we help to minimise cost, maximise efficiency and create long-term sustainable value.


Pallet & Case Making

When it comes to pallets, casemaking and packaging, our sourcing is wide and varied. Thanks to the flexibility of our mills, we can offer a range of FSC and PEFC-certified products – including fresh sawn, kiln-dried and heat-treated components for multiple uses.

The depth and diversity of our offer means we can tailor our products to your needs, enabling you to provide commercially viable solutions to your clients in this competitive market. We also know that accuracy in sawn timber pallet and case components is vital. And as a longstanding member of TIMCON, we work to deliver excellence and precision across our entire product portfolio.