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Being a trusted partner sits at the heart of our mission to support our customers to design and build sustainable developments where people thrive. Our partners are most obviously our customers and suppliers, but for us partnership extends beyond this, to everyone in the supply chain. Our amazing employees, investors and service providers - from cleaners to pensions to hauliers; it's everyone that touches our business. Sharing goals, values and working collaboratively to make what we all do together brilliant.

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Our business is built on being the best

We aim to be a fantastic partner at all times and everything we do, we seek to do to the highest standards. We strive to build relationships of mutual trust, to be open, communicate effectively and exceed our partners expectations. We work to understand our customers' needs and forward strategies to provide the materials they need to build sustainable developments.

When we partner with our suppliers, we see ourselves as an extension of their business. We work to understand their current and future product ranges and build strategies to represent them in the best way possible.

Our partnerships with industry bodies reflects our commitment to working in partnership to help source products that stand the test of time and enhance people's lives. RIBA celebrate the best architecture in the UK and we have sponsored the Regional Awards for four years.

We are festival patrons of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA), the world's largest annual festival of architecture, and have run events since 2018 to support London's architectural talent by enthusing and engaging with the public and finding new ways to look at familiar places.

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We understand the importance of partnering with organisations that align with our company values.

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Working in partnerships towards a carbon net zero supply chain

Achieving the scale of change necessary in the next decade to tackle climate change and the biodiversity crash will be challenging for the construction supply chain. We are grappling with issues that are a significant challenge to the way we've done business until now. We will collaborate creatively with all of our partners to drive positive change and explore how we can build knowledge, capacity and accelerate innovation to work together towards a transparent, net zero carbon construction supply chain - one that treats people fairly and is free of modern slavery.

As part of this strategy, we are running an event in the 2022 LFA focused on sustainability in architecture and are partnering with leading brick manufacturers and main contractors to demonstrate to architects what the supply chain is doing to tackle environmental challenges.

Zero carbon construction supply chain

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