Corium Brick Cladding

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Corium Brick Cladding

A facing brick finish remains ever popular within British architecture, however increasing development in modern building techniques are now sitting alongside more traditional construction methods. Brick cladding systems are offering architects and contractors increased advantages in design options, speed of construction and cost-savings.

The BBA certified CORIUM brick tile cladding system is manufactured by Wienerberger and exclusively supplied throughout the UK by Taylor Maxwell. The A1 fire rated system utilises extruded clay brick tiles specifically manufactured to fix mechanically to stainless steel or Magnelis metallic coated steel rails.

is available in a wide range of standard colours and textures, with glazed tiles and bespoke blends also available.

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The British Board of Agrément (BBA) have awarded certification to Wienerberger for the CORIUM brick tile cladding system, exclusively supplied by Taylor Maxwell. The BBA certificate relates to the cladding system for use as a protective/decorative cladding over external masonry, timber or steel frame substrate walls of new and existing domestic and non-domestic buildings, installed either horizontally or vertically, or used overhead to create soffits and ceilings.

In the opinion of the BBA, the CORIUM brick tile cladding system, if installed, used and maintained in accordance with the BBA certificate, can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC Standards, Part 6 Superstructure (excluding roofs), Chapter 6.9 Curtain walling and cladding.

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The Benefits of Corium


When used in normal exposure conditions, CORIUM can have a design life in excess of 35 years (BBA section 10)

 Behaviour in relation to fire

The CORIUM system components are Class A1 as defined in the national Building Regulations (BBA section 7)

 Air and water penetration

The CORIUM cladding system minimises water penetration and the risk of damage to the inner wall (BBA section 8)

 Strength and stability

The CORIUM brick cladding system can be designed to resist wind actions normally encountered in the UK (BBA section 6)

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Mechanically Fixed

Where a facing brick finish is a requirement for a new build to integrate with existing buildings in the surrounding area, CORIUM offers an extensive standard range of colours and textures that can complement existing brickwork, allowing a seamless transition between the old and new façades.

The CORIUM brick tile cladding system comprises longitudinally interlocking steel backing sections, profiled to allow CORIUM tiles to be easily clipped into it.

Once the brick tiles are installed, and prior to the mortar being applied, the brick tiles can be adjusted - allowing for a clean and precise brickwork finish. Decorative patterns including mosaics are easily achieved and allow the designer the freedom to create a completely bespoke façade for their project.

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CORIUM tiles are fired clay extruded brick tiles manufactured to the following nominal dimensions;

Thickness - 32mm
Length - 215mm
Tile lip thickness - 13mm
Height - 50, 57.7, 65, 92, 140, 215mm

Other tile lengths are available on request, please contact us for more information.

The steel backing sections are profiled to suit the brickwork coursing height, mounted horizontally or vertically and mechanically fixed to the supporting subframe. The sections are made of 0.55mm thick stainless steel (grades 304 and 316) or 0.7mm thick Magnelis metallic coated steel (ZM310 and ZM430), coated with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy, manufactured to BS EN 10346:2015.

Colours and Finishes

Use our product selector tool to explore examples of the colours, textures and finishes we offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us to speak to one of our team about other options available.


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Installation Video

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As a lightweight brick cladding system, CORIUM provides an ideal solution for refurbishment projects where building structures need to be extended or additional floors added to an existing frame and the existing foundations cannot be altered.

CORIUM is also a popular choice when considering the use of off-site manufacturing. Panels can be manufactured and delivered to site ready to be installed either as a fully finished unit or ready to be pointed with the rest of the brickwork on site. Manufacturing the units in this manner as a pre-fabricated solution under quality-controlled factory conditions, allows for efficient construction without delays due to adverse weather conditions, lessens materials wastage and can dramatically reduce site construction time in comparison to a traditional build.

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We built Belmont House from the top down; by putting the roof on and starting on the top floor, it allowed us to get water-tight very quickly so that when the following floors were being installed, they were off the critical path and we could start the fit out process a lot earlier. This level of flexibility really suited us and the project. I’d definitely use Corium again.”

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