Brick Matching

Are you a developer looking for a particular brick to match with an existing development? Are you an architect looking for brick options to suit the local and surrounding architectural style?

Finding you the perfect brick match

As a commercial supplier of facing bricks, our brick specialists are well equipped to help identify and provide a reliable brick matching service for your next project. With advisors based in 12 regional offices across the UK, our teams have immediate knowledge of their local areas and the facing bricks and masonry used on existing schemes.

For yourself, your client or a planning committee, we will provide samples based on an exact match where possible, or the nearest brick/blend type to meet the required finish.

Simply follow the steps below to submit a brick match request. If we are unable to identify your brick from the images received, we will arrange for one of our area sales team to contact you and arrange a site visit.

Getting started

01 Brick Matching Set

Close up

Photograph the brick you would like to match. We recommend this image be 1 metre away to allow us to review the texture and colour of the brick.

02 Brick Matching Set


A second image of the brickwork from no more than 2 metres away, will allow us to gain a better understanding of a suitable match or alternative.

03 Brick Matching Set

Full build

If available, upload an image of the brick as part of the overall scheme in order for us to view the colour variation and bond pattern.

If you have several images you would like to send us, a number of bricks you need to match or would like to include some additional attachments, please email us: brickmatching@taylor.maxwell.co.uk

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Speak to our team

To speak to one of our team, call us on 0203 794 9377 or email enquiries@taylor.maxwell.co.uk

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