Argeton Terracotta Cladding

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Terracotta cladding

The visual impact of a timeless facade, the Argeton terracotta rainscreen system combines the proven durability and natural beauty of clay, with a simple support structure. This enables the designer freedom of expression and the contractor a simple and quick installation process.

Suitable for use on a new building, refurbishment or re-cladding project, the Argeton facade system is backed by BBA certification and CWCT testing. Providing tangible environmental benefits, Argeton holds the Environmental Product Declaration in accordance with ISO14025 and EN15804 being the European standardised equivalent of a BREEAM accreditation.

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Key Features


Frost, scratch and UV-colour resistant, our terracotta rainscreen is designed without gaskets, pressure clips or seals that can either deteriorate within the design life of the system, or contribute to ‘tile creep’ as a result of thermal movement.


As per the Argeton BBA certificate, “the ceramic tiles, support rails, clamps and clips are classified as ‘non-combustible’ in accordance with national Building Regulations and are not subject to any restriction on building height or proximity to boundaries.”


Manufactured directly adjacent to the quarry from which the natural clay is sourced, Argeton tile production minimizes the transport of raw material. Confirmed by their ISO 14025 and EN 15804 certified status, the tiles are also fully recyclable, creating a sustainable life cycle.


Height modules are available from 150–500mm and in module lengths up to 1500mm dependent upon tile module height. In addition to the large standard range and new Inspirio colours, unique shapes and bespoke tiles can also be developed to suit individual project needs.

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Argeton Tiles

Argeton tiles are made from 100% natural materials, composed of mixed clay and water, before being extruded to produce plain, grooved or shaped baguette tiles. Fired at high temperatures, the tiles are then cut to length for a defined and consistent finish.

Achievable both horizontally and vertically, the Argeton terracotta rainscreen tiles and systems are interchangeable to suit specific design requirements. Tile options include:

  • Tampa
    Tampa tiles are a single, undisturbed panel, fitted using invisible clips. Though these are commonly manufactured to a contemporary, smooth finish, five textured surfaces are also available.
  • Terzo
    Terzo panels create an alternate visual option with deep grooves extruded into each tile. Available in different widths and distances between grooves, the Terzo panels provide additional customisable elements for your facade design.
  • Lineo
    Lineo tiles are a stylish choice with 3mm horizontal grooves shaped into the panels surface. Lineo tiles can be combined with Tampa or Terzo tiles within a system for a unique project finish.
  • Barro
    Barro baguettes can be manufactured in an elliptic, square, rectangular, or other desired shape. Functionally used for sun protection as a brise soleil when mounted in front of windows, barro baguettes are coloured on all sides for an attractive facade from all perspectives.
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Colours and Finishes

Standard, Glazed and Bespoke

The colour of the terracotta tiles is determined by the raw material (clay), which does not contain synthetic dyes. As a result of this, the tiles will retain their colour and will not fade over time when benchmarked against many other external faced materials.

We provide a vast range of colours and finishes to suit your individual project design requirements. The standard range consists of 10 colours, with a further 16 colours as part of our standard plus range, that represent a natural and subtle colour palette. Options available include Salmon Red, Iron Grey, Pearl White and many more.

In addition to the standard colours, glazes can be developed in almost unlimited varieties and individual colours and surface structures can be developed on customers’ request.

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Colours and Finishes


The new Argeton Inspirio designs join the natural properties of clay building materials, with all of today‘s innovative technology and sustainable aesthetics.

Using digital engobing, a process of applying high-quality surfaces to clay panels before the firing process, a unique design is fused with the panel to form an inseparable unit. By precisely mixing mineral pigments, colours come out brilliantly and picture-perfect each time.

Collections inspired by rock, metal, concrete, and timber have been developed and are ready to use, but with so many natural elements to take inspiration from, Inspirio digital technology is the key to new creativity in facade design.

Colours and Finishes

Use our product selector tool to explore examples of the colours, textures and finishes we offer. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us to speak to one of our team about other options available.


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