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Kings Cairn is a bespoke residential property situated in a unique and prestigious development in East Lothian. The site offers clients and designers complete freedom with their choice of building design and materials, a rare opportunity in a county which is usually traditional and conservative in its architecture. Designed by Rory Gibson Architects, the design brief for the home was for a contemporary warehouse style with the main facade material being facing bricks.

Taylor Maxwell worked closely with the client, architects and main contractors Prime Property Ventures to specify and supply facing bricks, Pro Clad brick cladding, Anvil metal cladding and wet cast stone (manufactured by Vobster Architectural) to the property.

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Concept to completion

With the development located on the coast, with stunning views of Fidra island, the architects paid close attention to the projects floor level to ensure that the island and surrounding water was always in view from the property. Another important consideration in the design was how exposed the South elevation of the building would be to the public access road. With this in mind, an enclosed courtyard was added to the home’s design to allow the clients a private outdoor space, alongside a hard-landscaped external space and garden. The North side of the property was then designed to host the main living spaces so these could look out onto the sea and Fidra island.

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Early in the design process, the client and architects visited our Edinburgh office to discuss material options with the Taylor Maxwell team. A bright, buff brick was quickly selected for the external facade, with the client wanting to bring the use of bricks to internal spaces as well. The Pro Clad brick cladding system therefore offered the perfect solution as this allowed for the bricks used externally to be made into brick slips, which could be utilised as a feature on internal walls within the home’s general living spaces. Introducing these brick slips internally simplified construction as opposed to using the traditional bricks, whilst allowing for the warehouse aesthetic desired by the clients to pull through to internal areas of the home.

Taylor Maxwell were faultlessly helpful in bringing together the cladding packages. Their various specialists, in brick, cast stone and cladding, gave us the luxury of a highly informed one-stop shop, not just delivering in supply terms but assisting in the technical details of each product and system.

Rory Gibson
Rory Gibson Architects

With the design team being influenced by their research into Victorian warehouses and contemporary residential developments, it was agreed that masonry should be included in the design to articulate the otherwise monolithic elevations. After considering a range of options, wet cast medium etched Bathstone from Vobster Architectural was selected in lieu of natural stone. The colour and texture of this stone worked harmoniously with the facing bricks used on the mass of the facade, whilst offering resilience to the coastal elements.

Once the more traditional materials had been selected, Anvil metal cladding was added to the design of the first floor, to contrast with the light colour of the main bulk of the facade and provide a contemporary warehouse feel. The metal cladding was selected in the recessed joint fix system, in a PPC anthracite grey finish, with colour matched fixings to provide a clean and consistent appearance. The colour and finish of the metal cladding tied in well with the Crittall style windows and metal staircases of the same colour used internally.

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The finished project has resulted in a totally unique home that has both a contemporary and rustic feel. Since completion, the property has been recognised for its outstanding design and has received a nomination in the 2023 Brick Development Association (BDA) Brick Awards in the ‘Individual Housing Development’ category.

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