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Aquila Court, Bath is a contemporary student accommodation designed to provide a new, comfortable and modern living space for students at the University of Bath. Located a 10-minute walk from the vibrant city centre, the university accommodation has been designed by Stride Treglown to combat the city’s growing student population.

Taylor Maxwell worked closely with the architects and main contractors Speller Metcalfe to specify and supply the variety of linear bricks, facing bricks and brick specials used on the development. A total of three brick colours, red, brown and buff were chosen to complete the overall facade.

Since its completion, Aquila Court has been awarded with the ‘Transformation’ award at the 2021 Bath Property Awards and shortlisted for many other awards including ‘Development of the Year’ at the 2021 Insider South West Property Awards.

Aquilla Court - Facing Bricks
Aquilla Court - Facing Bricks


Known for its Georgian crescents, Roman baths and unique heritage, Bath has become a popular student destination for national and international students. Due to the increasing number of students in the area, Eagle One Properties decided to redevelop their previously owned Pickfords warehouse to create much needed student housing.

Stride Treglown’s design vision was inspired by the industrial history of the outskirts of Bath’s city centre. Their concept was to predominantly use brown toned bricks that gradually transitioned to a lighter buff tone towards the top of the building. This was with the aim to create a facade that would ‘ground’ the building at the base and lighten the facade towards the upper storeys.

Tasked with the redevelopment of the former warehouse site into two, four and five storey accommodation blocks, the architects made a deliberate effort to encapsulate the industrial heritage, whilst creating a unique facade design that would make the new student housing site stand out. The structural design and the selected materials helped them create a development that blends modern architecture with the historic landscape.


The £12.5m development was completed using a variety of brown, red and buff linear and facing bricks in combination with bronze metal cladding. Our team worked closely with the architects and main contractors to create 18 different blends using the three bricks selected. The brown and red linear bricks were installed in stepped courses across the bottom of the facade to create an eye-catching design at ground level. The rest of the linear bricks were then installed in combination with the facing bricks in a dark to light pattern up until the highest point of the facade, which was then completed mainly using buff facing bricks. The bricks around the windows were installed in a hit and miss pattern to generate an elegant design that has elevated the facade within the streetscape.

Completed in 2021, the student accommodation offers a choice of studios and two to eight bed-cluster flats with en-suites or standard rooms, with the use of a shared kitchen and dining room. It was designed to ensure students get the most of their university experience by providing them with on-site gym, dedicated study areas, games rooms and outdoor space.

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