Through our long-standing partnerships with leading UK and European manufacturers, we supply an extensive range of high-quality facing bricks to architects, developers and main contractors.

Our brick ranges include a broad spectrum of colours including traditional options such as yellow London stock bricks and red wirecut bricks, as well as more contemporary grey, blue, white, black, linear and glazed options.

Our experienced and knowledgeable brick specialists are on hand to provide consultation to guide you through the process of material selection, including selecting the most suitable brick type to match existing developments and the local architectural style.

For more information about any of our facing brick products contact our specialists here.

Brick matching

With specialists based in 12 offices across the UK, Taylor Maxwell can provide local knowledge of the bricks used on existing schemes, or bricks suited to the local architectural style. We can then provide samples for approval based on an exact match where possible, or the nearest brick blend/type to meet the required finish.

Tm Brickmatching