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Stonepanel stone cladding

STONEPANEL™ is an innovative cladding system for walls and facades, suitable for both internal and external application. Individual panels made of natural stone including quartzite, gneiss, limestone, sandstone and slate are joined to a cement base, that is reinforced with fibre glass mesh. Each piece is Z-shaped to hide the joints from view, and is very simple to install without requiring specialised labour.

STONEPANEL™ cladding is the only natural stone pre-assembled product on the market that is backed by BBA certification and offers installation advantages over traditionally built natural stone. Taylor Maxwell are the sole supplier in the UK and hold stocks in several locations.

STONEPANEL™ Sky incorporates a hook in the back to allow for a mechanical fix, in addition to the adhesive, assuring additional strength and durability.

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Use & installation

To avoid visible joints each panel is Z-shaped making it very simple to install without the requirement of specialist, skilled labour. STONEPANEL™ can be easily cut on site using an electric grinder or site cutting bench and the pieces are laid in a 'stretcher bond' so as to deter from vertical joints being directly on top of each other.

It is suggested to fix back the stone cladding to a masonry substrate with Ardex X7G+ adhesive up to a height of 2 metres, taking into consideration the guidelines in the BBA. Thereafter, it is recommended to utilise the mechanical fixability of STONEPANEL™ Sky hooks in conjunction with the adhesive.

The fixing of the stone worked out brilliantly and looks fantastic: the elevations make it look extra special."


Gary Davies

Morris Homes

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Key features


Installs up to 10 times faster than traditional random walling. Typically a 2:1 installation gang can install 20-25m2 a day, with no specialised labour required.


BBA certified when applied to solid walls of masonry or concrete, with an impact resistance of panels according to ISO 7892.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor panelling, special corner pieces can be used to return elevations to provide a monolithic and continuous appearance.


Sizes available include 600 (550) x 200mm and 610 (560) x 152mm. Each piece is Z-shaped to hide joints from view and requires no pointing.