Precast Concrete Solutions

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Precast concrete solutions

Precast concrete off-site wall construction is a fast and practical way to produce multi-unit structures across all building sectors, in a fraction of the time associated with traditionally built projects. The visual possibilities and technical benefits appeal respectively to clients, architects and contractors.

Taylor Maxwell offer a range of architectural and structural precast components. This portfolio includes full structures, sandwich panels and facade panels, which are available in a variety of material finishes including acid etched, grit blasted, polished, exposed aggregate, stone faced, brick faced and tile faced.

Insulated precast sandwich panels are ready made external building envelopes, which provide many advantages, such as drastically reducing build programmes as there is no requirement for scaffold or mast climbers. The panels are constructed off-site and comprise of an outer leaf of precast concrete, an insulating layer and a structural inner leaf of plain grade concrete with a powder floated internal finish. The external skin is connected to and supported by the internal skin using proprietary ties. The ties have a low thermal conductivity which eliminates potential cold bridging.

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Where access is restricted, or the project programme demands fast on-site construction, precast architectural panels are the ideal solution.

All units are manufactured off-site and are delivered ready for final preparation and decoration. Sections are designed for ease of construction and installation, and to conform with building and structural regulations. Where a facing brick finish is required, a dovetail cut is made into the rear of the brick, and the units are laid face down into a mould. Concrete is then poured over the rear of the bricks forming a completely mechanical key.

This method of construction allows increased design freedom for brickwork and its use on different areas of a building where traditional brickwork would not be possible, for examples on soffits.

Other associated benefits of brick faced precast concrete systems include:

  • Concrete is durable, strong and resistant to impact. It has excellent fire-resistance and acoustic properties.
  • If required, components can be pointed on-site to ensure mortar colour consistency within the surrounding brickwork.
  • Units can be manufactured to suit different brick dimensions and bond patterns.
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Key features

Colours /

Precast concrete can be provided in a variety of colours and finishes, utilising a large choice of aggregates and pigments.

Bespoke /

Architectural concrete can be both structural load-bearing or non-structural, such as cladding. All architectural projects are designed and manufactured in an entirely bespoke manner.

Durable /

Concrete is durable, strong and resistant to impact. It also has excellent fire-resistant and acoustic properties.

Affordable /

Design and manufacture off-site ensures consistent quality and lower construction costs.

Adaptable /

Units can be manufactured to suit different building structures.

Fully finished /

Brick, stone or tile faced units can be supplied fully pointed.