Clay Large & Long Format Brick

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Roman bricks

Longer and thinner format bricks offer a contemporary and innovative option in architectural design, with brick heights below 50mm, and lengths of more than 500mm available. These bricks can offer a rich, uniform colour and additional length that can emphasise the horizontal and linear aspects of a building. It is also possible to recess the mortar joints to highlight the distinctive long format features of each brick.

Taylor Maxwell’s extensive collection of long format roman bricks create a sense of elegance which complements many other materials on a facade. The distinctive dimensions of the range provide additional choices and extended design options, bringing a variety of effects to any building's exterior.

Available in a wide variety of colours and textures, including glazed and semi glazed finishes, these long format roman bricks create a striking external facade.

At the early stage of a project's design, it is important to consider the dimensions of the brick you are looking to specify, as this will have a considerable impact on the mortar joint you select and the setting out of the brickwork.

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In use

Long format facing bricks were recently selected for use at a new building at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. The architects behind the project, Oberlanders LLP, worked with local planners to choose a non standard brick that would be sympathetic to surrounding buildings.

Upon completion, the Project Architect commented that the finished building looked fantastic and the long format brick was a success as the mainstay of the building's material pallette. “The brick is twice fired in the manufacturing process which gives a rich varied panel appearance. The natural clay brick facades are also durable and long lasting, requiring minimal maintenance – well adapted to the sometimes harsh Scottish climate, which our client appreciated.”

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Do you need help with a brick match?

We offer a brick matching service...

With thousands of different brick colours, sizes and textures found across the UK, matching existing brickwork can be challenging.

Our experienced sales teams across the UK draw upon their years of local knowledge to offer a highly personalised service that assists architects, developers and contractors with selecting the most suitable brick type for building projects through our online brick matching service.

Simply send us three images of the brick you would like to match, and we will provide samples and quotations for approval based on an exact match where possible, or the nearest brick type/blend, to meet the required aesthetic.


Long Format Split 2

Can't find what you're looking for?

We partner with all major UK manufacturers and supply a large range of imported European bricks to provide you with the widest choice of facing bricks possible. Our range includes an exceptional spectrum of colours including reds, oranges, blues, greys, yellows and creams with long format, glazed bricks and bespoke blends available.

Contact us with the aesthetic and budget requirements of your development and our team will be able to guide you in your product selection.