Understanding Composite Decking Colours

14th September 2023

HD Deck Dual Ellesborough ed

Composite decking offers the opportunity to customise your decking to specifically suit your garden and surrounding area. A full range of colours, from warm natural tones to cooler darks and greys are available to complement traditional and contemporary properties.

Picking the right colour of decking for you is an important decision which requires consideration of the following factors:

Is your decking in prolonged sunshine during the summer? If so, you will want to avoid darker colours that will retain the sunlight and heat to high temperatures and instead opt for lighter tones that reflect the sun and help mitigate any heat retention.

Is your property modern or traditional? Composite decking affords the fantastic opportunity to match colours to those featured on your property. Dark window frames of a contemporary building will tie in nicely with a darker decking choice, whereas more traditional yellow and red brickwork lends itself to decking of a similar warm nature. Modern architecture also mirrors the clean, sharpness of black or grey decking, which creates the perfect striking backdrop to assist any plants or furniture to stand out in contrast.

We stock Composite Prime® decking, who offer a brilliant selection of ranges to suit all surroundings. Utilising their unique True Grain Colour System™, their boards mimic the natural and subtle depth and variation found in traditional timber decking. The colour tones within the boards vary from slight (V1), moderate (V2) and substantial (V3), as illustrated in the guide to the side.

HD Deck variations

For a natural timber shade, HD Deck® Dual’s ‘Oak’ and ‘Walnut’ mimic the woodgrain and tone. The HD Deck® Pro range offers two shades, ‘Champagne’ and ‘Oyster’ which are the lightest colours available and would suit contemporary housing projects, seaside developments or summer house installations. Darker shades are offered in all of Composite Prime®’s decking ranges, with reversible sides of woodgrain and grooved for the HD Deck® 3D and XS, with the Dual featuring reversible dark, ‘Carbon’ and light, ‘Antique’ sides, to create borders, patterns or a full deck of the same colour. To find out more about the ranges available, click here.

HD Deck XS Walnut RHS Large
Silsden 20 portrait
HD Deck XS 9
HD Deck Pro table 1857

Our team are well placed across the UK to offer guidance on your project requirements and put you in touch with your nearest stockist for a simple and easy installation!

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