How to give your decking a professional finish

16th November 2023

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Composite decking is a fantastic way to elevate your garden, with the correct finish and design considerations it can completely transform a space. We have put together some useful tips to make sure you have all the necessary information to finish your decking to the highest standard, for a long lasting, minimal maintenance deck solution.

A professional looking composite deck starts with the subframe. Using deck tape on the frame offers longevity and enhanced safety by providing additional structural protection. Using tape to cover the deck joists increases subframe integrity and offers additional protection to the frame from any rot that may otherwise occur through water exposure. HD Protect Tape offers standard (63mm) and extra wide (118mm) tape which we recommend to be used with composite decking for additional protection.

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Composite decking offers the opportunity to create dynamic landscaping zones in your outdoor space. A raised deck offers many benefits, including additional storage solutions for limited outdoor spaces as well as creating areas of purpose within larger settings. The fascia and bullnose boards elevate the overall appearance and finish of the project and are available on the HD Deck Pro, Dual, 3D and XS ranges.

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The HD deck range features premium colours, all curated to complement each other within each range, providing the opportunity to create contrasting designs across colour choices or to seamlessly integrate with the fascia and bullnose boards. Additionally, their True Grain Colour System™ produces the perfect level of tonal variation for a natural looking deck. Check out our decking colour guide to learn more.

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Our team are well placed across the UK to offer guidance on your project requirements and put you in touch with your nearest stockist for a simple and easy installation!

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