Fibre Cement Weatherboard Planks

Fibre Cement Weatherboard 2

Fibre cement weatherboard

Fibre cement weatherboard is a highly durable, low maintenance and versatile material, with many different colours and textures available.

Made from a combination of engineered cellulose-fibre and cement composite, these boards offer the texture and natural beauty of timber whilst delivering the fire, moisture and rot resistance of an engineered cement composite (ECC). Fibre cement boards are impact and insect resistant and weather proof.

Fibre cement boards can be installed horizontally, vertically, diagonally or on a curve, providing full freedom and flexibility to create any design, making it an ideal choice, particularly for housing developments.

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Fibre cement boards are lightweight and easy to cut without breaking, chipping or requiring specialist machinery.

No special preparation or pre-drilling is required, the fibre cement boards are fully sealed, primed and painted in the factory. This mean that they arrive on site ready for a fast and easy installation with no need for on-site painting, saving valuable time and effort on site.

Fibre cement can offer up to three times more dimensional stability than wood as it doesn’t crack, swell or warp as the natural product would. With its outstanding mould and moisture resistant properties, the unique formulation doesn’t deteriorate if exposed to damp or wet conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

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Key features

 Full design flexibility

This fibre cement range offers multiple colour and texture options, with a full range of colour matched or complementary coloured trims and accessories.

 Low maintenance

These attractive and long-lasting facades are very low maintenance, requiring a light cleaning with household soap and water yearly to maintain the beautiful finish.

 Fire resistant

According to the BBA certificate, this product has an A2-s1,d0* classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 : 2007.


The fibre cement panels are lightweight, allowing for easy manual handling on site.