Special shaped brick

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Brick specials

Special shaped bricks are the unique design elements that can knit brickwork together. They provide architects and designers with the tools to help renovate or restore the historic features of our architectural heritage, or the freedom to create unique buildings and provide endless design solutions for the future.

These brick specials can be incorporated into your development to provide either a practical function, or to simply enhance the aesthetic appeal of your project to showcase its individuality.

Taylor Maxwell provide an extensive range of British Standard, non-standard and tailor made special shaped bricks. This range of special shapes include plinth, dog legs, bullnose, cant and squint bricks. Special shapes may be frogged, perforated or solid. Perforation patterns may vary for any particular special shape. These are available in cut and bonded, or refaced finishes to enhance the external appearance of your project.

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There are two ways of creating brick specials for your project, the first is to have them purpose made in the factory to the size and specification required.

The second is to have the brick produced by cutting and bonding together followed by re-facing of the joint to appear seamless. This cutting and bonding process generally offers shorter lead in times than the purpose made specials and are usually accepted as alternatives. They are often deemed to be the best option as the cut and bond bricks match the standard bricks perfectly, avoiding any texture or colour issues.

Using an extensive range of brick specials can enhance the appearance of a completed building to provide a striking effect. Design and technical advice is available from Taylor Maxwell’s network of regional offices.