Precast & Prefabricated Brick Components

Precast & prefabricated

Lintels & soffits

Creating deep brick soffits and intricate brick patterns around window heads and openings has become quicker and more cost effective to achieve. These complex wall cladding features can be produced using two different manufacturing methods. The first uses precast concrete and the second is a new prefabricated stainless-steel bracket angle support system.

Our range of precast concrete lintels provide a low cost and resilient support for door and window openings. The pre-stressed casting system used to produce these lintels ensures a consistent quality and finish for each external facade.

An alternative to this method of construction is a new lightweight steel-bracket system which offers several benefits over traditional precast concrete. The overall weight is reduced by more than half, which in most cases will allow the brick faced units to be applied on site without specialist lifting equipment, reducing installation time and cost. These units can be constructed using almost any brick or masonry type. Each brick feature unit is constructed using exactly the same brick as the main project, in factory controlled conditions, which provides greater certainty of the visual quality compared to the brickwork built on site. This can reduce the need for time spent on site by specialist contractors to cut bricks to suit complicated structural openings.

These products allow for creative designs and building features to be built in brickwork which otherwise would have been impossible in these parts of the building.

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Precast Brick Manufacturing

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Taylor Maxwell offers a full range of lightweight and structural prefabricated arches manufactured in most brick types.

Structural brick clad arches can accommodate a large range of bond patterns including segmental, flat, gothic, parabolic, as well as apex arches and bulls-eyes, providing a wide variety of options to consider.

Most brick face finishes can be supplied onto a range of backings including reinforced concrete, structural steel and several lightweight options. The soffit of the arch (underside) can be supplied with or without a brick slip finish, dependent upon your requirements.

We provide a full design service where drawings would be supplied for approval prior to commencing any manufacturing, together with a full estimating service.

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Prefabricated chimneys offer a modern and lightweight alternative to brick slip clad chimneys. They are easily and quickly installed and can be clad in a range of traditional materials including brick, stone or render.

For a truly lightweight solution brick effect, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) chimneys are an alternative to the masonry clad units. Often weighing less than 30kg, these chimneys are quickly installed in a mid-ridge location and match the texture and colour of the original brickwork.

Suitable for use in a variety of locations on the roof, these chimneys can be ordered as non-working cosmetic only units or complete with an insulated in wall system suitable for log burners, stoves and other appliances.

Available in a range of standard sizes to suit most locations, these chimneys can be ordered with a variety of pot designs and sizes. Bespoke designs can also be accommodated using our full CAD design service.

Comprehensive installation guides are provided to ease the installation process and ensure a watertight product.