RIBA South East 2019 Award Winners

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Alastair Bowden - McLean Quinlan

RIBA South East Project Architect of the Year 2019

Kent House

This beautiful house seduced the judges within the first few minutes of our visit. The house is built on the site of a former bungalow in a relatively large plot overlooking the South Downs, for clients who had previously spent many years living in South East Asia. The architects have managed to combine elements of both Kent vernacular and the spirit of South East Asia to produce a very beautiful, calm and contemplative living environment.

The project has a clear, understandable plan arrangement, with the main living accommodation housed in a grand single storey south facing block. This part of the building is slightly elevated from ground level and the plinth forms a wonderful terrace overlooking the garden and surrounding landscape. A second two storey block contains sleeping, office and utility functions. The point at which the two blocks meet forms an elegant, discreet the entrance to the house.

Overall, the building is extraordinarily well constructed, in simple, traditional materials brought together as a refined, elegant architectural language – a perfect fit for both the client and the site.

This project also won RIBA South East Award 2019

Harbour House

This house is sited on the banks of Fishbourne Channel in West Sussex - virtually in and amongst the boats and dinghies of Chichester Harbour. The design of the house developed over time - as a conversation between architect and client (a former architect). The resulting building is a collection of distinct volumes, vernacular in form, but contemporary in detail.

The main rooms are contained in a double bay volume built in flint, whilst the secondary functions are housed in wings of brick. The main living room has glorious views across the water to the north and the garden and tennis courts to the South.

The judges very much enjoyed the architects clever use and detailing of materials in this project. A consistently high level of workmanship and finishing is evident throughout the house, and in materials which seem to be a great match for the client and their family. The composition of forms sits extraordinarily well on the site generating new and informal relationships with the river front, adjacent buildings and a newly designed garden. The judges felt that this was a remarkably consistent and friendly work of architecture.

This project also won RIBA South East Award 2019

Charterhouse Science and Mathematics Centre

by Design Engine Architects for Charterhouse School, winning RIBA South East Award 2019

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Hill House Passivhaus

by Meloy Architects for Meloy Architects, winning RIBA South East Award 2019, RIBA South East Sustainability Award 2019 - sponsored by Michelmersh and...

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Nithurst Farm

by Adam Richards Architects for Adam Richards Architects, winning RIBA South East Award 2019 and RIBA South East Building of the Year Award 2019

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Process Gallery

by Guy Hollaway Architects for Nick Veasey, winning RIBA South East Award 2019

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Science and Technology Centre and Global Study Centre Sevenoaks School

by Tim Ronalds Architects for Sevenoaks School, winning RIBA South East Award 2019 and RIBA South East Client of the Year Award 2019

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Writ in Water

by Mark Wallinger with Studio Octopi for National Trust, winning RIBA South East Award 2019

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