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The new build £15m entrance building for the performing and visual arts centre at Loughborough College has transformed the public gateway to the college through 180o and now faces the town centre.

Ben Harris of Willmott Dixon said: ‘’This ambitious campus makeover has quite literally turned Loughborough College around. This highly visible public facade makes a clear statement about Loughborough College; modern, forward looking and confident.’’

The new building known as the Hub, houses a restaurant alongside a visual and performance academy with professional facilities including industry standard music studios, a 250 seat theatre, textile rooms, photography studios and dark rooms.

The students, staff and visitors are now greeted with views of a curved brick cladding
facade with 15 different colours of the CORIUM brick cladding system utilised. The
system was selected by the architect at IBI Group UK, to replicate the spines of
thousands of books within the internal of the first floor library. The architect chose
the CORIUM system to instil a level of confidence that the delivered elevation would
be crisp, precise and offer a high quality finish. This was achieved by IBI Group UK
specifying the CORIUM system in stack bond, with the whole brick facade changing
in colour as the sun passes each day.

To create this image successfully, every detail of the build had to strike exactly the right tone, which meant meticulous planning from the very earliest stages of the project.



Arts Academy & Hub

58 Week

project timeframe

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For this project, Taylor Maxwell provided both facing bricks and CORIUM

cladding – a unique cladding system that fits brick tiles onto an aluminium
backing rail.

As Ben Harris of lead contractor Willmott Dixon explained, one of the project’s
biggest challenges was the search for a brick finish with a colour scheme which
was acceptable to both the architect and planners: “There was a significant implication on getting the bricks approved by the planners. Taylor Maxwell had to provide a lot of brick samples in different colours before they were ultimately satisfied.”

Discussions about the colour scheme spanned the design stages, initial discussions with planners lasted into the building phase, and threatened to put pressure on the partners working to a tight timescale – the entire project was completed within 58-weeks.

“Time was a major constraint,” Ben Harris continued, “Taylor Maxwell understood this and were very helpful during this process, turning around requests for samples quickly, and ultimately delivered all the cladding materials within the project programme.”


Matching the colour scheme wasn’t the only test facing the project partners on the Hub. Project surveyor Ben Harris outlined some of the other puzzles that had to be solved: “We had concerns over the structural loadings when considering the use of a brick cladding system, and which solution was the most cost effective Taylor Maxwell played a full part in resolving all of these issues.” said Ben Harris of Wilmott Dixon.

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When all the planning and design requirements had been agreed on by the project partners, and the order quantities decided, the CORIUM cladding and the bricks provided by Taylor Maxwell provided the finish to the outside of the flagship Hub building.

After all the extensive negotiations leading up to installation, did the end result meet expectations? “Yes.” reported Ben Harris. “The facade looks great: the
college and the architect were very happy. The CORIUM goes up at a real speed and provides a significant visual impact. Also the backing rails provide a waterproof shell for the external envelope of the building which is very useful.”

So, a challenging project but one which ended in success thanks to the determination of partners like Taylor Maxwell to get it right.

“This project - like all projects - has three constraints: time, budget and quality. Taylor Maxwell understand this and helped us balance those needs and meet the expectations of the client.” concluded Ben Harris.

“Their service overall was very good, and we are going to use CORIUM on the next phase of development at Loughborough College.”

 “The facade looks great: the college and the architect were very happy. The CORIUM goes up at a real speed and provides a significant visual impact. Also the backing rails provide a waterproof shell for the external envelope of the building which is very useful."

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Ben Harris

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