Timber Update November 2020

18th November 2020

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This month, Glenigan published its Construction Industry Forecast for 2021/2022. The forecast highlights a series of bright spots across the industry, including private and affordable housing, while detailing our future relationship with Europe. These factors will both contribute to the projected 17% growth in 2021 for the UK Construction Industry.

To download the full Glenigan forecast, click here.

Timber Market Update

Supply of construction and fencing timber remains tight:

  • Importers, merchants and manufacturers are trying to build stock but demand continues to outstrip supply
  • EU exporters using road haulage are reluctant to quote for 2021 due to concerns over border controls and potential delays
  • Shortages of 3.6m logs at some mills has meant availability of certain fencing products is extremely limited, with some companies sold out of the remainder of 2020

With the UK ‘CA’ mark set to become the sole UK requirement from January 2022 and replace CE marking in the UK, the TTF has issued a new Brexit guide to help firms prepare for 1st January 2021 which covers:

  • The introduction of customs checks on goods from EU countries
  • The UK Global Tariff replacing the EU Common External Tariff
  • The need for most timber firms to complete due diligence
  • The introduction of UK Conformity Assessed (CA) marking

To access the TTF Brexit guide, click here.

C24 Timber

Supplies of C24 remain tight, as demand is strong in the UK and overseas and merchants are looking to build stock due to potential logistical issues relating to Brexit.

We have new stocks arriving in the UK weekly, please contact us to discuss your C24 timber requirements.

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