Timber Update February 2023

1st February 2023

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Industry News

  • Timber Development UK (TD UK) have advised on Research and Development (R&D) tax relief, which is available support for companies working on innovative projects in science and technology. Your company might well be eligible for relief including improvement on existing products or processes and internal business improvement projects.
  • The Construction Products Association (CPA) forecasts construction output to fall 4.7% in 2023. Private housing is anticipated to be the sector most affected, with infrastructure continuing to benefit from multi-billion pound projects across rail, roads and energy sub-sectors.

Market Update

Timber prices from the EU and UK softwood mills have steadied and in many cases sawmills are looking at increasing prices as we head towards spring. UK stocks are low as buyers have held-off on replenishment due to price uncertainty and lead times are now longer than they have been for many months.

One major Swedish sawmill has announced pine and spruce timber price hikes that were implemented last week. In the same week, the Polish timber industry reported a significant rise in their wholesale timber market prices. Read more about these market changes, here.

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Product Update

Did you know we sell engineered wood flooring?

We offer a robust, high-quality alternative to solid oak and laminate flooring products. Combining durability with a modern and clean look, our flooring is an essential in domestic and commercial property developments. The flooring is guaranteed against wear and for use with underfloor heating systems, while also being FSC® certified, helping to ensure the commercial and environmental sustainability of your projects!

Contact our team for more information!

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Timber Division Conference

On the 13th of January, our timber division got together for our annual conference. The event brought our regional teams together to present on all aspects of our business and prompt productive discussions. It was a great opportunity for new faces to be introduced and long-standing colleagues to catch-up!

The conference concluded with a trip to Flight Club where everyone’s dart skills were put to the test! The event was a successful check in for the year, with exciting plans being made for the coming months.

Timber Conference

Fun Fact

Did you know Cork Oak trees can regenerate their outer bark?

Growing to heights of 20 meters, the Cork Oak, once it reaches 25 years of age, can be stripped of its cork once every 9 to 12 years without causing damage. Given the tree can live up to 200 years this means it could be harvested over 16 times! This makes the tree a very valuable and sustainable timber product source. Learn more, here.

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