Stride Treglown/Taylor Maxwell Partnership - The Redivider

12th June 2019

Redivider Hi RES 2

The Redivider is an architectural installation from architects Stride Treglown that challenges visitors to explore emotions associated with social media, translating the digital world into a physical experience.

The installation, created for this years London Festival of Architecture, consists of a series of movable panels within a timber frame, with no specific entrance or defined route. Finding a path through the structure is down to individual choice, encountering others is inevitable. Lead or follow? Ghost or block? Finding a simple route through might not be as easy as you think...

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With our experience in timber products and construction, the team at Stride Treglown approached us to consult and collaborate on the design of the 6.5 x 6.5m pavilion. Working closely with the project team, we were pleased to be able to assist with the supply and delivery of the glulam timber frame, including all machining and detailing, from concept to completion within just 6 weeks.

Glulam is fast becoming the product of choice for innovative architects and timber framers looking to push the boundaries of aesthetics and function. The engineered timber product offers enhanced stability and strength compared to traditional building methods, with a variety of grades and finishes. Its' multi-layer, laminate form resists deflection, making it well suited to large sections of beams, pillars and curvilinear designs not achievable with single-piece applications. To find out more about the benefits of glulam, click here.

Discover the Redivider for yourself during the London Festival of Architecture, 9am - 9pm until the 30th June at Marlborough Sports Garden, 27 Union Street, Southwark, London, SE1 1SD.

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