RIBA 2017 Project Architect of the Year – South

5th June 2017

Bedales School Of Ar 1611 Hufton And Crow Hufton And Crow Press Image 4

RIBA 2017 Project Architect of the Year - South

Tom Jarman – Partner, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Project - Bedales School Art & Design Building

Image ©Hufton & Crow

This scheme creates a new Art and Design building, in a key location on the Bedales School site to replace the existing facility. The client purposely restricted the budget (to avoid the buildings-arms-race), acknowledging that an economy of means is a lesson in itself. FCBS were able to apply lessons from Manchester School of Art, to deliver something of value in a smaller building, with a constrained budget.

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The project included meaningful student involvement throughout the process; from inception and participating in the selection of the architect, through to use of spaces and detail. This meant a very useable and functional building has been created. The student rep, who managed to then get work experience with FCBS- having joined the profession for human interest - is now on her year out during the study of architecture.

Through the sensitive siting, form and material choice, the building engages in dialogue with adjacent existing buildings, on what is a complex site with rich history. The careful siting also develops new relationships with the landscape, having been set on a key location near the entrance point to the site. The honesty of the building’s material expression allows users to see how it was put together, which really chimes with the client’s idea of creating an educational instrument, especially given the school’s interest in ‘hands on’ building construction. For the spatial arrangement, a lead was taken from the previous well-lit single-storey interconnecting studio block and passing between each of the studios, hence seeing each of the design disciplines to reach the next.

Riba South Tom Jarman

"On behalf of FCBStudios and the team of architects who worked on the project I am delighted to have received this award. The Bedales client shared with us an ethos, insight and clarity of purpose that rubbed off on the whole design team. In this context we were able to have the kind of really engaged, informed and positive dialogue that we find is so necessary to the development of good architecture."

Tom Jarman
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

The single-storey existing studios have been re-invented over two storeys, with generous overhangs to make external spaces for use by students, which was also a conscious move to manage area and the tight budget. This is a building that engages with the landscape, bringing the outside and inside spaces together, and with the use of simple materials which help to make the two be read together. Playful use of light through layering of lattice screens to facade and external covered areas offers a joyful and varied experience for users and visitors alike. It is a piece of intelligent client commissioning and a great design response.

This Project Also Won: RIBA South Award 2017, RIBA South Sustainabilty Award 2017 - sponsored by Geberit, RIBA South Project Architect of the Year 2017 - sponsored by Taylor Maxwell and RIBA South Client of the Year 2017 - sponsored by Tobermore

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