Brick Clad Flat Pack Homes Complete

18th July 2018

Brick Clad Flat Pack Homes Hero

Prefabricated flat pack houses have been built on Cannock Road, Wolverhampton, using the Corium brick cladding system to help reduce the housing shortage in the area.

The two-storey semi-detached houses, commissioned by Wolverhampton Council as part of a pilot scheme with Wolverhapton Homes, were manufactured 200 miles away off-site in Ireland by Extraspace Solutions.

During manufacture, the Corium brick cladding rails were installed onto the outside walls of the units and the pre-fabricated housing 'pods' were delivered to the development in Fallings Park, complete with a bathroom, kitchen and central heating already installed, ready to be connected together to create a home. Once onsite and connected, the Corium tiles could be mechanically fixed and pointed to complete the exterior.

Click here to see an earlier video of the pre-fabricated housing pods being installed on-site.

As a result of the fast track construction methods utilised and despite site delays at the start of the year due to severe weather, the four houses have been completed in just three months - less than half the time of a traditional build. In addition to faster construction times, further benefits of off-site production highlighted by Wolverhampton Homes chief executive include reduced site disruption and more consistent quality.

Video credit - Wolverhampton Homes.

For more information about the Corium brick cladding system click here.

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