Resilient Flooring


Resilient Flooring

A sustainable, durable and multi-use flooring option, resilient flooring is fast becoming the product of choice for architects and developers in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. It is versatile, hard-wearing and aesthetically appealing, while also being easy to install and cost-efficient.

Offering all the advantages of vinyl, without any vinyl components, MeisterDesign resilient flooring is a no-compromise, high-performing product. Multi-layered, with a surface cover based on synthetic material, it is sound-absorbing, barefoot-friendly and flexible – the perfect flooring for healthy modern lifestyles.


The green alternative to vinyl

MeisterDesign is made with Ecuran, a bio-composite polymer that uses plant-based oils and other naturally occurring materials, making this one of the cleanest and greenest flooring options on the market.

Furthermore, it looks entirely natural. Thanks to an innovative registered embossing process, each product has a highly authentic, nuanced finish. With embossed wood structures you can actually feel, it achieves an enhanced aesthetic far superior to that of vinyl.


4-in-1 scope and versatility

The range consists of multiple decors, each available in four different product structures with different installation methods, providing the optimum solution for multiple applications:

  • Comfort: a feel-good floor with an extra layer of cork
  • Flex: slim-design flooring with low structural height
  • Life: a straight-forward all rounder for clicking
  • Pro: extra-thin professional flooring for full-surface bonding

Each structure is made up of three-to-four layers with specific qualities and features. The first three, Comfort, Flex and Life, come in both wood and tile effect, while Pro comes in wood only. Varying in thickness and composition, they enable you to retain aesthetic consistency while meeting diverse functional requirements in different project areas.


A sustainable, durable and multi-use floor

The Comfort product structure, with its sound-absorbing cork cushion, provides high acoustic performance, appropriate for a range of sectors, such as hospitality, residential and assisted living. Life and Pro, on the other hand, contain waterproof layers well suited to moist environments, such as bathrooms. Meanwhile Flex, with its additional AquaSafe-board, reduces swell in humid conditions and is perfect for refurbs and areas with undulating sub-floors.

In this way, the resilient flooring range provides an all-in-one solution for large-scale residential or high-footfall commercial schemes. Based on your specifications, we can advise which of the four product tiers would best meet your needs and help overcome specific project challenges.

As part of Taylor Maxwell’s consultative approach, we will work closely with you at all times, helping you find the design and functional combinations that best support your objectives. In addition, due to resilient flooring’s cost-effectiveness over large surface areas, we can help you navigate budgetary restraints and maximise economic value.

MeisterDesign flooring is therefore not only 100% environmentally friendly but helps to ensure financial sustainability as well. It meets the relevant technical requirements, while providing an eye-catching aesthetic appeal, making it an all-round high-performing alternative to traditional vinyl products.


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