Metal Cladding Systems

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Metal cladding

This innovative range of metal rainscreen systems allow a precise and efficient installation, with perfect joint lines and accurate tolerances.

The common misconception is that innovative and stylish metal facade systems are expensive and perceived to be complicated to install and detail. This metal cladding range will allow you to achieve a stunning facade at a very competitive cost.

More and more developments are calling for fast track construction techniques to enhance performance with regard to build time and programmes. Clients are demanding reduced build time and weather tightness as a necessity to ensure that the schemes can be complete as soon as possible. This system offers both the architect specifying and the subcontractor installing the product, a generic framing system to support the range of metal facades, excluding the unitised and mesh systems.

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Unitised off-site manufacturing

The increase in popularity of offsite manufacturing has revolutionised the way buildings are being constructed.  Unitised facades are designed to exploit the benefits of manufacturing off-site, and allow modern methods of construction to be applied to the external envelope.

Architects, house builders and main contractors are more than ever acknowledging the benefits of relocating elements of the construction process into a controlled environment. A more efficient and timely build process is achieved, quality is improved and on-site work is significantly safer.

Façades that are unitised comprise of prefabricated assembled units which are directly transported from the factory to site, for quick installation onto ready prepared fixings. Unitised facades allow designs to diverge from the uniformity associated with standard manufacturing processes, allowing a mix of panel sizes, colours and materials.

Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your early design ideas.

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Extruded & folded metal planks

This extruded aluminium range of metal planks are truly engineered components that offer precise joint lines. Standard panel sizes are 1200x100/200/300mm (LxH) and maximum lengths can be up to 6000mm. The linear expansion is 1mm/1000mm and the height expansion is 0.33mm/190mm.

This range of products can be supplied in an extensive range of RAL, NCS, synthetic PPC coatings, and on request a full range of anodised finishes are also available.

If you require a more cost-effective solution, an alternative to extruded metal planks is a folded aluminium system. This application provides the visual of a 'standing seam' profile and is available in finishes including PPC, anodised, stainless steel, perforated, zinc and 'zinc look-alike'. Standard sizes for these planks include 3600 x 100/200,300,400mm (L x H) with maximum lengths up to 4000mm.

If you are looking for a bespoke, curved architectural plank these can be extruded to your desired radius.

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Secret & semi-concealed fix

Architects looking for a smooth continuous facade, without visible fixings, have two choices to consider. The first option is to use a secret fix system, whereby the method of securing the cladding panel to the support structure is at the rear of the panel.

The second option is a compromise between faced fix material and truly secret fix, whereby the fixings sit between the shadow gap of adjoining panels, creating a semi-concealed fix. In addition to this, the semi-concealed fixing allows each panel to be individually demountable, which may by useful if any panels need replacing.

Both these systems are available in ACM, PCC aluminium, Zinc and Zinc look-alike finishes.


Installation video

Installation video