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Glass rainscreen

Glass rainscreen cladding continues to be a top choice for designers, architects and clients. The material can be used for both internal and external applications and back-lighting can be combined where required to create a myriad of colour shades across the building's facade.

With no visible fixings, glass facade systems provide a clean, visually stunning finish which is durable and easy to maintain. Glass rainscreen is extremely hard-wearing, weather-resistant and up to 100% recyclable.

This BBA certified glass-faced rainscreen cladding system is manufactured from graded blown-glass granulate, which is combined with a binder and pressed into a board format. The glass then has an applied mesh reinforcement to each side to give optimum strength and durability.

Fat Glass Split


 Colours & finishes

This system is available in most RAL colours. Special colours can be matched but may incur a longer lead time. Reflective, non-reflective and metallic finishes are all available. Cut glass panels can be bonded to the same backing board to create stripes or patterns.

 Screen printing

Screen printing can be achieved for patterns, logo’s and signage which can be printed onto glass. Please send us your images or drawings and we will provide you with a sample to review.


Glass panels can be customised to include cut-outs, which can allow access to control panels and lighting etc.


Standard panels are available in any size up to and including 1250 x 2600mm. Bespoke panel sizes can be increased up to 1250 x 4500mm (vertically), 1500 x 3750mm, or 2500 x 2600mm.