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Glue laminated timber

Glulam is fast becoming the product of choice for innovative architects and timber framers looking to push the boundaries of aesthetics and function within the commercial housing sector. Part of our unique Engineered Timber Product (ETP) range, the Taylor Maxwell glulam process offers enhanced stability and strength compared to traditional building methods, with a variety of grades and finishes. Its multilayer, laminate form resists deflection, making it well suited to large sections of beams, pillars and curvilinear designs not achievable with single-piece applications.

As the UK timber frame house market grows, glulam is acquiring a reputation as one of the most adaptable, resilient and sustainable building materials available. Whether you want pure strength for non-visual features such as rimboards or hidden beams, or visual grades for exposed timber sections, our glulam materials give you a range of options. They also extend to lengths of up to 25 meters for increased reach and scope.

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Sustainable sourcing

Using wood from sustainable European forests, we’re able to monitor and control the sourcing of our glulam materials. Produced locally and as close to source as possible, it enables us to minimise transportation and reduce its costs and environmental impacts. In addition, we can create glulam using different species, such as oak and larch, to fully maximise the range of its properties and aesthetics.

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Meeting your project vision

At Taylor Maxwell, we regard glulam as a service we deliver, rather than a commodity we sell. Taking a collaborative approach, we’ll work with you to establish your project vision and goals and offer design consultation to address any special requests or practical considerations you may have. The end result is a bespoke material that’s tailored to your specific design requirements and commercial objectives.

We offer glulam as a stock item, which means we can ensure key sizes are readily available and easily deliverable. It also forms part of a wider, one-stop-shop timber frame offer, so you can incorporate glulam into your order as part of a single, seamless service.

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Case study

Stride Treglown - Redivider

As part of this years London Festival of Architecture, Stride Treglown created an installation consisting of a series of movable panels within a timber frame, with no specific entrance or defined route that would challenge visitors to explore their emotions associated with social media, translating the digital world into a physical experience.

With our experience in timber products and construction, the team at Stride Treglown approached us to consult and collaborate on the design of the 6.5 x 6.5m pavilion.

Working closely with the project team, we were pleased to be able to assist with the supply and delivery of the glulam timber frame, including all machining and detailing, from concept to completion within just 6 weeks.

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