Cross Laminated Timber


Cross Laminated Timber

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is gaining a strong reputation among forward-thinking architects looking to maximise efficiency and be at the forefront of design capabilities. Created by compressing and gluing each timber layer perpendicular to the next, it is incredibly resilient and lightweight compared to traditional construction materials. It also delivers improved sound proofing, insulation and aesthetics.

As one of our made-to-order products, CLT is available in spruce, pine and larch in a number of finishes to suit your technical requirements and client’s vision. Praised for its flexibility, CLT can be used for exposed features as well as non-visual structural sections. In addition, we provide CLT panels in a range of sizes, up to a maximum length of 13.8m and width of 3.1m, to meet your exact space and sizing requirements.



Our partners manufacture each piece of CLT to order, integrating openings for features like windows, doors and utilities, and we’ll deliver them packaged and clearly labelled. By creating the structure offsite, it is quick and straightforward to manoeuvre each item into position, saving time as well as labour and construction costs.


Designed and delivered to your requirements

With CLT, as with all our products, you benefit from our hands-on management throughout the entire process. Taking a consultative approach, we’ll advise you on timber sizing, finishes and features to meet your design and budget. Our aim at this early stage is to maximise the commercial aspects of your project and highlight solutions to practical matters that will benefit the designer and installer.

Our manufacturers carefully monitor the engineering and logistics of the products and can support installation and long-term aftercare to guarantee top quality. By closely controlling the process, we’ll ensure your CLT is supplied as part of a seamless service that supports your creative vision and commercial goals.

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