Laminate Flooring


Laminate Flooring

The Micala LD 200 laminate range provides an aesthetically appealing, high-performing flooring option for projects where budgetary restraints may be an issue.

Unique among laminates, this high-density fibreboard (HDF) product uses an innovative registered embossing process which provides a natural, nuanced look. With embossed wood structures you can actually feel, it adds a layer of authenticity and class, achieving an enhanced aesthetic far superior to rival products.

Measuring 1,287mm by 198mm, Micala LD 200 offers large-format dimensions popular among architects, designers and developers. It is approximately 8mm thick, and consists of an overlay, anti-static decorative paper, HDF baseboard and backing.

It also comes in a 24-colour spectrum – from Aspen Oak and Muscat Oak to Black Pearl and Cashmere Spruce – that mirrors the designs of premium, non-laminate ranges. In this way, you can achieve design consistency at a fraction of the price on projects with mixed product selection.

Furthermore, the Micala flooring is made from recycled wood content. It carries Blue Angel eco-labelling and meets RAL-UZ 176 low emissions flooring criteria, making it environmentally friendly as well as good value for money.



Satisfying a variety of project requirements, the Micala range is functionally very versatile, suitable for a number of indoor environments and large-footfall areas. It works with electrical and hot-water underfloor heating and can be used in living areas as well as commercial spaces, with increasing uptake in the retail sector.

Its HDF middle layer is constructed with Meister’s AquaSafe system, which offers comprehensive protection against high levels of relative humidity in the sub-floor. This means it is a perfect flooring option for periodically humid environments, such as bathrooms – although not where moisture content is consistently high.

6415 Micala LC200 Ambiente R01

Project Consultation

We can advise you on laminate flooring product designs and options that will best meet your needs. Underpinning everything we do, our consultative approach aims to deliver the very best for our customers. Working in close partnership with you, we will help you find the look, feel and functional features that align with your project goals.

Whatever your technical requirements, we can help you select a laminate product that combines versatility and performance with a premium aesthetic appeal – perfect for projects where you need high visual impact at a low operational cost. Indeed, due to Micala’s cost-effectiveness, we can help you navigate budgetary constraints and achieve long-term, sustainable value.

Please note, Taylor Maxwell can only facilitate the supply of laminate flooring for commercial projects in excess of 1,000sqm.


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