Phenolic Backed Brick Cladding

Fat Phenolic Split

Phenolic backed brick cladding

This BBA accredited brick slip system provides many of the advantages of modern lightweight methods of construction, with the aesthetics of traditionally laid brickwork.

The high levels of thermal insulation which can be achieved, depending on the thickness of the insulative backing board, makes this system ideal for both existing and new build projects.

20mm brick slips provide a decorative and durable finish, which can match the look of traditional facing bricks and are quick and easy to install. This system can be clad to masonry, dense concrete, modular units, timber frames, metal frames and existing or new build projects.

This brick facade system comprises a rigid 25mm or 50mm thick phenolic insulation board, which is pre-bonded to a coordinating brickwork carrier sheet measuring 1.2m x 2.4m in size. If necessary, additional insulation can be added behind the system to increase the thermal performance in conjunction with a framed structure.