GRP Backed Brick Cladding

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GRP backed brick cladding

This glass reinforced plastic (GRP) backed system is an innovative weather resistant way to clad, infill or build a wall with real brick slips, and can be supplied in virtually any brick type to replicate traditionally laid brickwork. The system is ideal for either exterior or interior applications and has been successfully used on a wide range of projects in the residential, retail, education and commercial sectors.

The system comprises a precision engineered composite of 20mm brick slips adhered to a patented interlocking GRP backing. A standard panel covers 0.6m2, and with a weight of 24kg, this system is ideal for projects which require a lightweight and thin through wall construction.

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The benefits

This GRP system is used to achieve faux brick clad walls, and is ideal for deep soffits and other areas of a project which need to match either an existing building, or as part of a new build which are not achievable in traditionally laid brickwork.

Bricks are collected from site to ensure that the same batch are used on both the traditional and clad elements, with lead in times for the product typically two weeks from approved drawings. The prefabricated brick work panels are fixed and jointed on site with a standard mortar, to give the appearance of a traditionally laid brick wall.

Taylor Maxwell offer a complete scheduling and take-off service, as well as numbered panel kits with corresponding site drawings, to ensure that even the most complex installation is facilitated.

The system holds a full third-party performance accreditation from the Ceramic Industry Test Centre (CERAM).