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With 12 offices across the UK, Taylor Maxwell are able to provide local knowledge of the bricks used on existing schemes, or bricks suited to the local vernacular.

We will then provide samples for approval based on an exact match where possible, or the nearest brick blend/type to meet the required aesthetic.

brick matching & sample ordering service

If you do not currently have an image of the project you would like us to match please email us; brickmatching@taylor.maxwell.co.uk


Take a photo of the brick you would like us to match. We would recommend this image be about 1 metre away to allow us to review the texture and colour of the brick to find the closest match available.


A second image of the brickwork from no more than 2 metres away, will allow us to gain a better understanding of a suitable match or alternative.


If available, upload an image of the brick as part of the overall scheme in order for us to view the colour variation and bond pattern.

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